Tony is focused on reducing regulations to support the dignity of work for blue collar Americans who are fighting to better the lives of themselves and their families.

Economic opportunities and free enterprise are at the center of a thriving community. The individual knows how to best spend their money, not government, and Tony supports cutting taxes along with unnecessary regulations which increases the cost of doing business for small business owners.

The American dream is what makes our nation special and part of that dream is having employment which can provide a livable wage. Attending higher learning institutions is important when obtaining new skills but equally as important are earning these skills through trade programs.

Tony will fight for hard working men and women who have been long forgotten in the 21st economy by improving access to high wage-earning skill sets.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) play an ever-increasing role with improving stability in our nation and across the world. Advocating for NGOs who fill the voids left by government and free enterprise is an important measure when creating a strong foundation for the next generation of leaders in America.

Tony is an active neighbor in his community.  Recently, he founded the Tony Gonzales Foundation, a non-profit focused on empowering and encouraging growth and development in impoverished areas of San Antonio by uniting local businesses, schools, and families.