God & Family

Tony is 100% pro-life and believes all life is sacred, starting at conception.

Human rights are fundamental to the core of American principles and our laws must protect its citizens as such. The U.S. government should not play an active role in funding abortions but instead focus on reforming the adoption process. For over 45 years, the Supreme Court’s flawed decision in Roe v. Wade has resulted in the death of over 60 million innocent babies. Tony strongly supports the nuclear family and prays for the day when unborn babies are protected.

Tony believes the family is the most important component in American society and advocates for pro-family legislative policies such as school choice, expanding the child tax credit, and supporting advanced skills to adult learners.

The family unit is at the heart of American society and thus must be supported with opportunities, not hand-outs. The U.S. government should focus on its future generation of citizens by improving access for adult learners to earn a livable wage through reduction of unnecessary regulations and streamlining the trade skill certification process.

Tony supports all forms of educational opportunities to include, but not limited to, charter schools, public schools, private schools, religious schools, and home schooling. He understands that education is primarily a state and local issue but encourages federal involvement when appropriate.

Tony’s five children, Christina, Jesus, Emmanuel, Daniel, and Gabriel have attended all different types of schools during his 20 years in military service, and he believes “choice” should be left up to the parents. Education is the ultimate equalizer and we all benefit when a child reaches their full potential in life.