Shilo Harris Supports Tony Gonzales for Congress

“I am pleased and honored to fully support Tony Gonzales for Congress. A combat veteran himself, Tony will fight hard everyday for our veterans, their families, and a strong national defense. As a father myself, it’s important to me to know Tony is the father of five and will take issues facing our families very seriously.

“Knowing that he volunteered to serve and deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of combat operations shows his dedication to the success of our nation. Just as I have and countless other men and women, he fought terrorism in the Middle East and now he’ll fight socialism and other threats to our way life.

“I have no doubt Tony will work diligently in Congress while facing issues such as easing the stress of military families while their loved ones continue to serve and sacrifice, as well as the transition of those families after their service. I believe Mr. Tony Gonzales will make his constituents his primary concern and of course our nation as a whole.”

— Shilo Harris