SAN ANTONIO — After a violent past two weeks for San Antonio Police, new legislation will be introduced that is aimed at protecting law enforcement on the job.

This comes after five shootings involving police since August 24. Three of those incidents ended in suspects shot and killed, and half a dozen SAPD personnel were hurt to some extent.

The legislation being introduced could increase fines and jail time for offenders. That means up to 25 years in prison for those who assault an officer with a deadly weapon. It’s an increase of an additional five years above what is already on the books.

Congressman Tony Gonzales is proposing the idea as part of his newly introduced proposed law called the “COPS Act”. On Friday, the proposed bill will be unveiled during a press conference. The Congressman will be joined by the “San Antonio Police Officers Association and the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, known as CLEAT.

Gonzales proposed the new law in response to those recent shootings of multiple SAPD officers. Some of the suspects involved were repeat offenders.

Friday’s meeting is in addition to the plans already underway for a meeting between San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales. They have traded jabs from a distance over who is responsible for repeat criminals getting back on the streets and city and county leadership asked them to meet face to face.

Meanwhile, District 4 Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia has scheduled a Public Safety Town Hall for Monday in light of the recent violence, saying in a statement she was “concerned about these incidents that are becoming more frequent and putting officers in grave danger.”