On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) describes how the energy crisis in Texas and President Biden’s immigration plans have pushed the Lone Star state to the breaking point.

“My district covers 800 miles of Texas and Mexico border, I am literally on the border every week. I was just out in Del Rio, right on the border yesterday. And this is what is happening. Because of the administration’s kind of messaging, that this push for these open borders, it has created a lot of chaos. And what you’re seeing is communities can’t handle the influx of migrants that are coming over. They just can’t. So you had you had places without water, without electricity, and now you had hundreds of immigrants get dropped in their communities. They just couldn’t handle it.”

“I would argue that this new administration, them pushing this this immigration ideal, they’re not trying to get it passed. Honestly, what they’re trying to do is create this image as if they’re doing something. Everybody knows it’s going to fail. Meanwhile every day you have these crossings and you’ve got the Border Patrol agents, you’ve got sheriffs, you’ve got police officers, they’re at a breaking point.”

“Liberals don’t understand border security. It’s like asking a vegetarian where is the best steak house in town. The just don’t get it”